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September 27, 2015

"Old" New Recovery Points for 2009-2015 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X

One of the first things I had made when I picked up my PRO-4X the fFIRST TIME was a set of custom recovery points for the front end. The factory tow hook is ok and serves its purpose but there is only one. And while you can install two what's the fun in having two OEM style factory tow hooks that don't look very cool and don't allow for a shackle to lock on securely? Queue in Rob over at FlipSideCustoms. I brought him a template I made of aluminum, which was a design borrowed from someone else on the ClubFrontier message boards, and Rob was able to come up with these awesome recovery points.

These things were put to the test one winter when I was off-roading with a few folks from the local Overland Society and I got stuck in some snow. A quick shackle install and a tow strap and a minute later I was pulled out.

Now in 2015 we're bringing these back and since a couple of people contacted me AFTER we decided to not offer these Rob is making a few limited sets. Price is 215$ plus shipping. Specs. are below!




These custom recovery points are made of 3/8" steel and have a single gusset for added strength. They are low profile so they don't interfere with angle of attack when climbing over stuff and come powder coated red standard (to match the red in the original PRO-4X logo) or in any color you prefer. I prefer red.

The kit includes metric 8.8 fasteners and stainless steel lock washers for a direct bolt on application. The only thing you are required to do is cut out the knockout for the second recovery point. I suggest using a Dremel to perform this. Note: We have only verified these fit on the PRO-4X model 2009 to 2015 model years. We are not sure these will fit two piece bumper Frontiers or pre-2009 Nismo models. If you have any of these models and would like to help us verify drop me an email here!




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