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May 21, 2016

HOLY COW! It's May 2016!!!

Okay, so as usual I am extremely terrible at updating this, but hey we've been busy!  The post directly below this, yea, that truck is GONE!! A new Volvo sits in the garage now! No presetable pic yet but it's a special vehicle and no it's not a Polestar, although the way this thing handles and feels I imagine the Polestar S60 must be AMAZING! To the right you'll see a photo taken with my Flir camera attachment for my Iphone 5S (did I mention I finally broke down and got a new phone and I selected the Iphone?). And if you look closely the Rays 350Z track wheels are on the Leaf.

The cage for the S40 is about 40% done I would say. Roll bar is in with major components in. Now I need to find the time and motivation to tear down the parts car so we can begin prepping for the forward section of the cage + I have an engine to build!!! More updates when we return from Napa!!!!!

September 27, 2015

"Old" New Recovery Points for 2009-2015 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X

One of the first things I had made when I picked up my PRO-4X the FIRST TIME was a set of custom recovery points for the front end. For a very short while I had an ARB front bumper but that wasn't the look I wanted. I wanted OEM+ and two front recovery points. The single factory tow hook is ok and serves its purpose but there is only one. And while you can install two what's the fun in having two OEM style factory tow hooks that don't look very cool and don't allow for a shackle to lock on securely? Queue in Rob over at FlipSideCustoms. I brought him a template I made of aluminum, which was a design borrowed from someone else on the ClubFrontier message boards, and Rob was able to come up with these awesome recovery points. click to read more...

September 17, 2015

Holy cow! One year+ since an update!!!

Okay, so I suck at updating this. Can you blame me? I ran a website and message board for ten years and eventually got tired of it. I don't even like sitting in front of a computer at work longer than an hour (unless it's actually writing up some fun documentation and yes I am serious!). So let's see, what has happened since the last update? Well for starters almost wasn't anymore. I traded my PRO-4X in for a BMW 1 series. I drove the BMW for a couple of months and I even swapped in some nice Ohlins coilovers (which were pretty damn awesome by the way). I really tried to love that car but it just wasn't as fun to drive as my Volvo. So after about 7,000 miles on the BMW I traded it back in for another PRO-4X truck. Same color and trim but now it has a sunroof and roof bars (BOO on the sunroof!).

I finally got the Leaf dropped a bit more, extra 3/4". Why you ask? Because I finally got the Rays 350Z wheels installed that's why! The picture to the right is with the extra drop and the G35's still on. I still haven't quite snapped a good shot of the Leaf with the Ray's on but I'll attempt to do it this weekend and force myself to do another update hopefully before the end of the month.

June 28, 2014

17,000+ miles and no snow video

So this is funny, one of my old friends emailed me and pointed out how I had not made any updates to the "blog" in a while. Well here's my attempt at updating. I guess I can mention the trip I had recently with two of my best friends down to Southern California. One word sums it up- EPIC. We each took our project cars (I was in the Volvo of course).Southern Oregon and Northern California is where it's at. The best roads and some of the most amazing scenery, it's easy to convince yourself to not go home. The Volvo did fantastic and we are all ready to head down again for round 2, a trip I like to call Return to Highway 1...

On the Leaf front we just passed 17,000 miles, as a matter of fact I need to make an appt. to take it to Nissan for a recall, some airbag software update or something. Car is still running perfect though, I lowered the Leaf an extra 10mm a couple of months ago and I can tell the springs are really beginning to settle in (or sag whichever you prefer to call it), I've also been tightening up the front suspension as after riding in the Volvo for a week the suspension in the Leaf felt too sloppy after my return from California.

I promise to try and update more frequently on the Leaf mods, to date nothing major has happened, except for new mudflaps, maybe that's what I'll make my next update about. =)

January 6, 2014 

7,500 mile update!

Well it's been 7,500 miles already, almost five months. We've figured out our cost to run the Leaf and it's adding up to about 34$ a month in electricity, I've spent about 10$ total using public charging as well, there are a few free charging stations so I do use those as well (including work!). Overall the car has been fantastic, I'm still totally amazed at how well the Leaf has been able to put up with what I throw at it, keeping in mind I have upgraded quite a few things on it. I've already had a chance to put the car on ice and snow and I even took video, which I will upload soon, until then though I'll leave you with a picture of another mod I was working on over the Christmas break! I'll also be posting a quick and dirty How-to on headlight removal so stay tuned!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

November 30, 2013

Paul Walker R.I.P.

I can't even begin to write about how depressed I am to hear the news of Paul no longer being with us. I really loved his films, some of my favorites are Timeline, Eight Below, Running Scared, The Fast and The Furious series, Lazarus Project, and Bobby Z.  I pray and send good thoughts for his family. I love his Skyline project he did for 2 Fast 2 Furious, the colors he used on his car were the same colors I was using on my car at the time. I hope you are in a better place man, we will all miss you dude!!!!

November 30, 2013

More mods!!

Performed a bit more work on the Leaf over the last few weeks. A major change was the addition of snow tires for the winter, I'm running Hankook I-cept EVO's in a 215/50-17 size (factory tire size)on the 17X7.5" front G35 wheels at all four corners. I stuck with the G35 wheels because I already had two from the original set I purchased when I replaced the factory 17's and the 7.5" wide wheels were half a pound lighter than the 8" wide wheels. The disappointing part of all of this is that the snow tires themselves still weighed enough so that the snow tire/wheel combo is heavier than the 8" wide wheels with the LRR Michelins, a little over two lbs heavier!!!! Which did end up affecting my power consumption/range. I'm hoping once the snow tires "wear in" the power consumption goes down. Another addition is... click to read more

October 13, 2013

G35 Wheels Installed

Installed a set (total qty-4) of 17X8 rear G35 wheels this weekend, I went with the G35 17X8 because I wanted to push the wheels outward a bit from the wheel wells and reuse the factory low rolling resistance Michelins that came stock with the car, and at the same time not affect range. The G35 wheels are approx. 3Lbs+ lighter than the factory 17X6.5 Leaf wheels,and will accept the factory Nissan centercap. I had to shave down the center stud of the front halfshafts to fit the centercaps on the wheels though, initially I used a 5mm wheel spacer but didn't like how much the wheels got pushed outward beyond the fender line. Car handles great, looks great, and range seems to have improved quite a bit. I'll update more on range in a later post!

September 15, 2013

Nissan Leaf Blitz Coilover Install

Installed some Blitz coilovers in the Leaf this weekend (thanks to Jesse Streeter for the export from Japan!!). Install was pretty straight forward, standard McPherson struts up front and torsion bar rear suspension, I was even able to make sense of the Japanese instructions included with the kit. I didn't take the time to do a full how-to but got some in process photos to share... click to read more

September 14, 2013

Going electric!

Been a long time since the first "entry" so I figured what the hey.

A few weeks ago the wife and I went electric, yup, we got a Nissan Leaf, we'd been wanting one since it was announced. We drove a 2011 at a Nissan event and loved it. We also test drove a few during the past couple of years, taking long test drives, ultimately my job would install EV chargers on site and that made it even easier to pull the trigger, I even ended up renting one for a few days to make sure I could make it to work, charge, and come home. Needless to say the car is awesome, I love driving it and I love it as a daily driver. This will def. keep my speed addiction in check on a daily basis while I build up my racecar. Most awesome. I'll be putting together a little picture gallery of the Blitz coilover install soon!

No it's not photochopped and yes it is on coilovers =)


January 20, 2013

Lets talk about mountain biking and reliability...

So a long time ago (about four and a half years ago to be exact) I was bitten by the mountain biking bug. I had ridden mountain bikes before for a long time when I lived in Texas but the part of Texas I lived in was pretty flat. My first bike was a Diamondback Outlook that I purchased for about 250$ at a sporting goods store, I would ride this bicycle 25 miles almost every weekend for the next two years and I would end each ride with a cold root beer float at the local A&W restaurant... click to read more




















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